Webcasts of the “1st European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving” | April 3 and 4


The 1st European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving brings together the largest stakeholders in the automotive industry! This event, organized by the European Commission, will take place on 3 and 4 April and webcast sessions will be transmitted on the theme.

In view of the relevance of the theme, we consider it opportune to open our auditorium to all interested parties, namely UM Teachers / Researchers / Students (particularly those involved or interested in the INNOVCAR project), to assist us with web streaming of the plenary sessions that will to discuss scientific / technological developments in the area of autonomous transport and to discuss European funding programs.

APRIL 3rd:
9:45 – 10:30: Research and Innovation Challenges of Connected and Automated Driving

For several years huge R&I efforts are being invested in developing and demonstrating systems for connected and automated driving (CAD). Significant progress has been made in key technologies for innovative CAD functions and applications (e.g. advanced vehicle control, systems to detect vehicle location and environment, data processing, artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, etc.). To make the next step towards roll out, large-scale pilots are necessary to test and improve the performance and safety of innovative CAD systems and to study market potentials and risks.


  • Clara de la Torre, DG Research & Innovation (RTD), Transport Directorate, European Commission
  • Dr. Ir. Carlo JT van de Weijer, Director Smart Mobility, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • José Manuel Viegas, Secretary-General, International Transport Forum at the OECD
  • Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni, Vice-President for Sustainability and External Affairs, Valeo Group & Operational Vice-Chairman of ERTRAC (European Road Transport Research Advisory Council)
15:25 – 16:10: Digital technologies enabling Connected and Automated Driving

Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) helps to address many of the major challenges of today’s transport system. CAD has the potential to improve safety, energy efficiency, air quality, traffic throughput and enhance user comfort and convenience. An even bigger impact is expected from shifting value chains: connectivity and high levels of automation enable innovative mobility services and provide users with new choices.


  • Despina Spanou, Director, DG Communication Networks, Content and Technology (CNECT), European Commission
  • Nadine Leclair, Senior Vice President Global Expertise Management & Member of the Board of Directors, Renault
  • Prof. Ralf Herrtwich, HERE, Head of Automotive Business Group, HERE
  • Matteo Gatta, Director Tech Strategy & Innovation, PROXIMUS


08:30 – 9:15: EU Member States programmes on connected and automated driving

This session will provide an overview of current policy measures adopted by European Member States including available funding programmes and support to large-scale testing facilities.


  • Antti Vehviläinen, Director General, Finnish Transport Agency, Finland
  • Jean-François Sencerin, Program Director, Autonomous Vehicle PFA/NFI, France
  • Hamid Zarghampour, Programme Officer, Swedish Transport Administration, Sweden
  • Ian Forbes, Head of the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Department for Transport, The United Kingdom
  • Henriette Spyra, Strategic Coordinator Mobility Transformation & Transport, Austria
  • Jaime Moreno García-Cano, Deputy-Director General for Mobility, Directorate General for Traffic, Spain
  • Dr. Tobias Miethaner, Director General Digital Society, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) , Germany
9:15 – 10:00: Cooperative ITS deployment towards connected and automated driving

This plenary session on C-ITS will bring together experts from both the public and private sector. They will expand on what Cooperative ITS brings to them, what they get out of the work being done within the C-ITS platform and why they felt the need to get involved in this platform. On the C-Roads Platform, you will hear about who is involved in this project, what services it will deploy and what are the expected outcomes and feedback into the C-ITS policy work.


  • Claire Depré, Head of Unit, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE), European Commission
  • Dr. Teodor Buburuzan, Leading Communication Engineer, Volkswagen AG
  • Joël Valmain, Adviser for European and International Affairs, Ministry of Interior, France
  • Martin Böhm, Head of Mobility Systems & ITS Deployment, Austriatech
10:30 – 11:15: Which policy and regulatory EU frameworks for connected and automated driving

Policy and regulatory actions in favour of CAD are already taking place within the Commission and the Member States. But automated and connected vehicles raise cross-cutting issues (traffic law, liability, vehicle certification, connectivity infrastructure, etc.) involving different departments within the Commission or within the Member States which require working together in a coherent manner. This is the reason why the Commission launched at the beginning of 2016 the GEAR 2030 High level group. The main objective of this Plenary Session will be to give an overview of the GEAR 2030 work and discuss the first recommendations for CAD.


  • Gwenole Cozigou, Director, Industrial Transformation and Advanced Value Chains, DG International Market, Industry, Enterpreneurship and SMEs (GROW), European Commission
  • Edwin Nas, Dep. Project Leader Connected and Automated Driving, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Netherlands
  • Jos Vantomme, Smart mobility Director, European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA)
  • Ferry Smith, Director Public Affairs, ANWB
11:15 – 12:00: International cooperation on connected and automated driving

Many of the challenges on the way towards deployment of CAD systems can be better addressed in cooperation with international partners. It is essential to develop and maintain close cooperation with other regions of the world to exchange knowledge, expertise and best practises and to work towards a global framework and international standards for connectivity and automation technologies.


  • Dr. Gereon Meyer, Dept. Future Technologies and Europe, VDI/VDE-I&T, Germany
  • Seigo Kuzumaki, Program Director of SIP-adus, Chief Safety Technology Officer Secretary, Chief Professional Engineer – Safety, R&D and Engineering Management Div., Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan
  • Lam Wee Shann, Group Director, Technology and Industry Development, Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Transport, Singapore
  • Dr. Steven Shladover, California PATH Program Manager, University of California Berkeley, USA


Local: Auditório CCG, Campus de Azurém

Conference site: http://connectedautomateddriving.eu/