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Production, dissemination, and knowledge transmission, oriented toward companies and economic value creation
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With almost 30 years of existence, the CCG/ZGDV Institute has added to its track record the recognized merit in the process of building the information society, knowledge, and technological innovation. 

Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC)

Recognition of CCG/ZGDV as "Centre for Technology and Innovation", published in Diário da República - order 12688/2022, by the Secretary of State for Economy.

Technology and Innovation Centres (TIC) are entities dedicated to the production, dissemination, and transmission of knowledge, oriented toward companies and the creation of economic value, contributing to the pursuit of public policy objectives, framed in the areas of national priority specialization or the regions in which they operate.

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Public Utility Status

Attribution of Public Utility status, recognized by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, through order no. 55/2022, of January 5th.

The CCG/ZGDV Institute is part of the group of institutions that develop an activity that generates benefits for society, in such a way that it is considered that they exceed in relevance the benefits generated, in favor of the members themselves.

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Technology Interface Centre (TIC)

Recognition as a Technological Interface Centre (TIC) for digital technology, by the National Innovation Agency, S. A. (ANI), acting as an agent for valuing scientific and technological knowledge, and transferring it to industry and companies.

ALGORITMI Research Unit Management Entity

Formalized as a Management entity of the ALGORITMI Research Unit (the first Research Center formally recognized in Portugal in the field of ICT), with the FCT/Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (2015).