Business Area | Cultural Heritage & Tourism

CCG has been applying techniques and technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, computer vision, multimedia, mobile computing, web-based systems, as well as advanced knowledge in electronics and systems integration, in the development of a wide range of solutions, which aim to support the study, management, maintenance and dissemination of information, with high interest in terms of CH&T, both, remotely as on site.

Such solutions have built a strong component of applied research and technological development (R&TD), and have had a wide range of receivers, among which we can name the following :

  • Museums:

Solutions to be used by curators as a support to management, maintenance and study of collections; to be used by visitors as a support to disseminate content and enrich the experiences of their visits, or  even the worldwide, online, dissemination of contents.

  • Municipalities:

solutions to support visitors of historical centres, for example along interpretative trails; solutions to support the dissemination and interpretation of monuments, places and life experiences of local tradition; solutions to support the preservation and dissemination of cultural traditions and collective memory.

  • Natural Parks:

solutions to support the visitor, for example in interpretive pathways, particularly those which include historical monuments and ecological and geological heritage of high interest.

  • Public institutions:

use of information, communication and electronic technologies (ICET) to disseminate content and existing historical information in formats not accessible to the public in general (libraries, interpretation centres, etc.)