Cookies Policy


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files with alphanumeric information that are saved by the browser on the computer or mobile device.

These files are necessary for the server to be able to recognize each user, to maintain status during a user's browsing, to remember the user's preferences, and to provide a more secure experience.

Cookies (or similar technologies, such as "tags" and "web beacons") are widely used by almost all websites, due to their usefulness, their security, and the online experience simplification that they provide to the user.

What cookies are used?

The cookies used by CCG/ZGDV are anonymous and do not store any information that would allow users to be personally identified; they only identify a browser on an individual machine.

These cookies are used to improve the user experience (language preferences), as well as to analyze the use of the site, to optimize its content and operation.

These cookies are session cookies, i.e. temporary, and are deleted when the user leaves the website.

In addition to session cookies, analytical cookies are also used, which are used anonymously for statistical purposes. These third-party cookies measure the success of applications and the performance of the website. These cookies are permanent and are stored until the user manually deletes them or their expiry date expires. They are used whenever the user visits the site again, to adjust navigation to their interests.

How can I manage cookies?

If you wish, you can restrict, block, or delete cookies by modifying your browser settings. However, by changing these settings, the website may not offer the fastest and most efficient browsing.

You can select the respective browser you are using for more information:

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