CVIG, acronym for Computer Vision Interaction and Graphics is CCG’s domain of applied research, intrinsically linked to computer vision and computer graphics. The integration of both of these scientific domains allows the study and development of technological innovative solutions, across all the development cycle, from the signal acquisition to its interpretation and correspondent output action.

The main goal of PIU is to develop human-centered studies and to participate in the creation of new products that contribute to a more adaptive, usable, and comfortable utilization, as well as products that help with health/rehabilitation, safety, and entertainment.

EPMQ "Engineering Process Maturity and Quality" refers to the domain of applied research in engineering process maturity and quality. For that matter, EPMQ has strategically defined that its research must be objective and that its applicability must be validated in an industrial environment.

UMC - Urban and Mobile Computing is intrinsically linked to the Urban Computing field, positioning itself as an emerging field, which aims to give people new and more complete experiences in their interaction with the urban space, through new computing applications.