EPMQ "Engineering Process Maturity and Quality" refers to the domain of applied research in engineering process maturity and quality. For that matter, EPMQ has strategically defined that its research must be objective and that its applicability must be validated in an industrial environment.

EPMQ project’s target:

  •  Industry (from system development business) – on a company or organization’s need to innovate. It is our purpose to create conditions to industry to innovate, without having to invest in the creation of their own means of research, which would have high costs, and take years to acquire scientific maturity and productivity that can be found in academia.
  • Research & Development members (from the same research interests) – on a specific work validation from one of our doctorate researchers. For that matter, we develop projects for skills reinforcement, as well for serving companies/organization’s needs.


EPMQ is composed by a multidisciplinary team, in thigh collaboration with research groups and academia, namely Group SEMAG: Centro ALGORITMI from University of Minho, which have interests in state of the art on information systems based in software engineering and management.