Let us be your partner for Horizon 2020!

Let us be your partner for Horizon 2020! The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

The Associação CCG/zgdv – Centro de Computação Gráfica (CCG) is an R&TD institution integrated in the Portuguese Scientific System. Its main aim is the technology transfer and technology development in the fields related to computer graphics, information technology, communication and electronics and its applications.

CCG has more than two decades of experience in European R&D projects, both public and private. This includes collaboration projects under the European Framework programmes from FP5 to FP7. The project areas ranged from Telemedicine to innovative solutions for industrial activities or the state-of-the art applied for cultural heritage, some of them awarded with prizes like the IST GrandPrize2000 (euro-CASE). More recently, projects dealing with topics like cloud computing standardization and normalization or empowering micro-entrepreneurship based on mobile computing technologies, among other, have received CCG’s contribution at international level.

The actual R&TD structure of CCG comprises four main domains of applied research concurring for multidisciplinary innovation projects: CVIG – Computer Vision Interaction and Graphics, EPMQ – Engineering Process Maturity and Quality, PIU – Perception, Interaction and Usability e UMC – Urban and Mobile Computing.

CCG is actively participating for Horizon2020 calls, looking forward to integrate new consortia, bringing its highly-skilled and motivated team to co-work with European partners for even more successful projects.

For further information do not hesitate to call (+351 253 510 580), email us or visit our website.

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