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IT Engineering - Process, Data, Maturity, and Quality

R&I department focused on software engineering, in particular, with regard to processes, data, maturity and quality of information systems and technologies. It conducts its projects to respond to the innovation needs of its customers and partners, in methodological and organizational issues, related to information systems engineering.

Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphics

R&I department linked to computer vision and computer graphics. The integration of these areas allows the study and development of innovative technological solutions, ranging from real image interpretation to operationalization, with partially or fully virtualized environments.

Human-Technology Interaction, and Robotics

R&I department that develops solutions in the field of human-machine interaction and collaborative robotics. It focuses on the interaction of the human being, through the study of the perceptual, motor, and cognitive mechanisms that support interaction; and on the machine through the development of new interfaces and intelligent robots/systems that decide, act, learn, predict and adapt, aiming at fluent interaction and efficient collaboration.

Urban and Mobile Computing

R&I department related to mobile and urban computing, working in emerging areas and applying technologies aimed at efficient energy management, the creation of intelligent solutions for cities, people, and their mobility, and the development of innovative solutions using different computing and communication technologies.