Digital transformation in manufacturing and process industry

Digital transformation has given rise to a series of new production processes and greater complexity in product development, behavior simulation and integration of supply chains for decision-making, performance assessment, optimization and adaptation of the most varied processes.


The CCG/ZGDV Institute invests in innovation in the manufacturing industry and processes through the transfer, development and implementation of innovative technologies to optimize production processes, reduce costs and improve quality control, complemented with training within organizations, way to adopt and integrate these technologies into their operations.


Challenges and Opportunities


  • Growing need to adopt new digital technologies: “Internet of Things” (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, cloud computing, blockchain, among others…), in order to optimize production processes and improve the quality of products, advocating the race towards total automation (Industry 5.0)
  • Global competition and supply chain disruptions requiring innovative cost-reducing and resilience-enhancing strategies
  • Shortage of qualified workers and need to increase the existing workforce to meet the demands of the organization and the market
  • Growing demand for personalized products and services
  • Constant search for sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods



  • Develop and implement sustainable production practices to reduce environmental impact
  • Adopt agile and flexible business models to respond to rapid changes in technology and consumer demand
  • Invest in research and innovation, standing out from the competition
  • Leverage emerging technologies to develop new products and services and improve operational efficiency

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support systems
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