Towards an electronic public administration, with standards and certifications that greatly contribute to improving the quality of the public sector and ensuring compliance with legal provisions, encouraging the implementation of digitalization solutions for administrative processes.  


The CCG/ZGDV Institute develops and implements innovative digital technologies and platforms to improve the provision of public services, strengthen citizen engagement and participation, promote transparency and accountability and simplify administrative processes. Collaborates with government agencies and other stakeholders to design and implement e-public administration initiatives that align with national priorities and respond to the needs of citizens and businesses.


Challenges and Opportunities


  • Difficulties in ensuring the security and privacy of citizens’ data, in an increasingly digital environment
  • Growing need to ensure interoperability and compatibility of e-government platforms and services between different public bodies and jurisdictions
  • Creation of mechanisms that establish trust between citizens and companies in the use of online public administration services and technologies

  • Existence of the digital divide that raises questions about guaranteeing equitable access to online public administration services
  • Need to overcome bureaucratic and cultural barriers that discourage the adoption of online public administration initiatives



  • Develop technologies that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the provision of public services and reduce administrative costs
  • Simplify processes to ensure greater citizen participation in public administration decision-making processes
  • Support the transition to a digital economy through the development of e-government services and technologies
  • Promote transparency and accountability in public administration activities