Intelligent building and environment

The creation of new processes, with a view to the digital transition of buildings and infrastructures, and the consequent circularity and sustainability of the sector, results in a more adaptable, intelligent, resilient and sustainable built environment. 


The CCG/ZGDV Institute supports the creation of smarter working and living environments, through the development and implementation of innovative technologies, including: Building Information Modelling, Internet of Things sensors, Artificial Intelligence, for better management optimization of resources, reducing costs and increasing sustainability.


Challenges and Opportunities


  • High customization of products and services
  • Existence of multiple international sustainability strategies, which imply objectives of reducing energy consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions
  • Shortage of specialized labor and consequent increase in costs in production and construction
  • Difficulty integrating new technologies into the traditional functioning of construction companies



  • Develop and implement innovative technologies that optimize resource management and reduce costs
  • Overcoming institutional, financial and cultural barriers to the adoption and integration of new technologies and processes
  • Ensure interoperability between different technologies and systems used in smart environments
  • Improve the quality of life of residents and building users (indoor air quality, lighting and comfort, health and safety)

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