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CCG/ZGDV shares knowledge with Fafe City Council
11 December, 2023

The CCG/ZGDV once again hosted the Fafe City Council, last Thursday, December 7th, to share the knowledge and skills that the CCG/ZGDV, as a Technology and Innovation Center, has at its disposal.

This sharing of knowledge allowed the municipality of Fafense, represented by the Mayor, Antero Barbosa, the Councilor for Digital Transition, Paula Nogueira, and the Advisor for the Economic Development area, Filipe Teixeira, to get to know some of the projects in which the CCG/ZGDV was and is inserted.

The demonstrations carried out by the innovation and research departments of the CCG/ZGDV focused on the various challenges that can contribute to better training, in different areas and domains, for public entities, particularly municipalities.

Throughout the morning, Fafe City Council had the opportunity to understand, in more detail, our technological contribution through projects such as City Catalyst. Heritage Care, Adytrans, Adm.in, RAILtoLAND, among others.