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AI - CENTER Testbed
Date: 2022-2025

Software industry, ICT and media
Digital transformation in manufacturing and process industry
Smart cities, smart mobility, and smart energy


Technological Innovation Consultancy


IT Engineering - Process, Data, Maturity, and Quality


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support systems



Testbeds National Network aims to assert itself through innovation hubs for technological solutions development, providing innovative means and infrastructures



The AI-CENTER Testbed, led by the Proef Group in collaboration with CCG/ZGDV, promotes reducing operating costs and optimizing processes. It also supports developing and testing new products and services with a strong digital component.

AI-CENTER offers technological services to support your company in accelerating the innovation cycle and reducing the level of risk in the Valley of Death. We provide customized solutions that meet your specific needs.


AI-CENTER supports startups and SMEs to accelerate the innovation cycle, significantly reducing new products Time2Market and services, with a strong digital component, acting according to the following philosophy:​​​​


  •  Sparking: ​​​​​​ ​A catalyst for ideas, it provides know-how and technological mentoring, using a highly qualified team
  • Innovating:  Provides support infrastructures for software development, a flexible environment adapted to the needs of each company
  • Matching:  It gives member companies access to the AI-Based Marketplace platform, which, through meticulous analysis of requirements and profiles, ensures intelligent matchmaking between companies' products/services, meeting market needs.






  • Development of an AI service (Brain Engine) on the AI - CENTER platform that recommends the most suitable services for each user/entity. These services, made available on the platform, will make it easier for startups and SMEs to build products
  • Provision of pilot services/products, based on AI techniques, on the AI-CENTER platform, to leverage startups and SMEs products