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ATE – Alliance for the Energy Transition
Date: 2022-2025

Smart cities, smart mobility, and smart energy


Research and Development under Contract


IT Engineering - Process, Data, Maturity, and Quality
Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphics
Urban and Mobile Computing


Business models for digital economy
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support systems
Human Factors, usability, and UX design



The Alliance for Energy Transition agenda aims to reinforce the competitiveness and resilience of companies in the energy sector as a result of the creation of innovative products and solutions of an export nature, based on technology and know-how developed and consolidated in the sector, placing Portugal in the leadership in decarbonization and promoting an effective energy transition.




This strategic objective will be achieved through a series of targets, including an increase in exports of goods and services, greater investment in R&D, reduction of CO2 emissions, as well as a change in the specialization profile of the Portuguese economy, through investment allocation in value-added activities that will generate a total of 46 PPS, oriented towards markets and the creation of qualified jobs.




It is expected to obtain 46 highly innovative solutions (such as Combinable Modules for Portable Electrical Solutions, New generation of Shell energy transformers and Innovative distribution transformers for renewable energy generation), to leverage the integration of renewable energies, and multiple carriers of clean energy and energy efficiency.




CCG/ZGDV is involved in the development of the following workpackages:





  • WP4 - BrightPost - Decarbonization of Mobility;
  • WP8 - ZEB - Energy Efficiency in End Users;
  • WP12 - POEM - Interoperable Platform for Digitalization of the Energy Sector