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Produtech R3
Date: 2021-2023

Software industry, ICT and media
Digital transformation in manufacturing and process industry
Sustainability and circular economy


Research and Development under Contract


IT Engineering - Process, Data, Maturity, and Quality
Human-Technology Interaction, and Robotics


Software and business processes
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support systems
Cognitive and collaborative robotics



The PRODUTECH R3 agenda proposes to develop a set of structuring investments that aim to contribute to changing the specialization profile of the Production Technologies Sector (FTP) and its contribution to the national economy, increasing exports, investment in R&D and the economic valorization of innovation.



It constitutes an Innovation Pact that aims to promote resilience, smart growth, climate transition and the digital transformation of national industry, including interventions at the level of productive investment, qualification and internationalization of organizations, training of human resources and its wide dissemination, promoting knock-on effects throughout the national industry.


The project envisages the collaborative development of around 90 new innovative products and services and their demonstration in more than 53 pilots in companies in the user sectors.​​​​



Complementary actions in the areas of education and training, internationalization, dissemination and training of the Production Technologies Sector will induce a structural change and the creation of a true innovation ecosystem in the area of ​​production technologies, dynamic and sustainable in the post- -project.


CCG/ZGDV is involved in the development of the following Work Packages:

  • WP9: SmartIL - Intelligent interoperable robotic platform and solutions for intralogistics and quality control for industry. CCG/ZGDV is developing a teleoperation system for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that carry out pallet transportation operations. This system will allow quick and remote interventions, acting on critical moments in the AMR's operation and helping it to carry out tasks that are not feasible to perform autonomously, thus ensuring greater efficiency, versatility, and safety



“Digital Twin” creation with a 3D representation of the following digital technologies applicable in industry: 

  1. Insights da Simulação de Planeamento de Produção: computer simulations for testing different production scenarios
  2. Failure and Quality Predictions with Machine Learning: analysis of large volumes of data to predict possible equipment failures or product quality
  • WP16: Industry-UpScalable platform for valuing and extending the industrial equipment life cycle of business assets. Through analytics and AI components, it is possible to assess the state of equipment, ensuring support for current and future needs and achieving dynamic use and maintenance with a view to sustainability.