Home Research and Innovation Projects Produtech4S&C: Innovative, sustainable and circular solutions with an impact on the production technologies sector
Produtech4S&C: Innovative, sustainable and circular solutions with an impact on the production technologies sector
Date: 2020-2023

Digital transformation in manufacturing and process industry
Intelligent building and environment


Research and Development under Contract


IT Engineering - Process, Data, Maturity, and Quality
Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphics
Human-Technology Interaction, and Robotics
Urban and Mobile Computing


Business models for digital economy
Software and business processes
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support systems



The PRODUTECH4S&C Mobilizing Project constitutes a response from the production technologies (FTP) sector for the construction of a circular and sustainable manufacturing industry.




It advocates the development of differentiating solutions, in response to the urgency of transforming the industry towards sustainability and circular economy, enabling FTP to take on a key position in a global niche: production technologies that facilitate circularity and industrial sustainability.


Development of products-systems-services, ecosystems of tools and applications, methodologies and strategies, supported by new digitalization paradigms, aiming to:



  • Enabling the development of new sustainable products (production systems and components)
  • Integration and advanced management of sustainable production systems, zero defects - zero environmental impacts
  • Symbiotic management of production ecosystems and supply chains in a circular context
  • Implementing circular and sustainable approaches in the manufacturing industry


To pursue its objectives, the project presents 6 PPS (Products, Processes, Services). The CCG/ZGDV Institute, through its R&I, EPMQ, HTIR and UMC departments, participates in two of them: 



  • PPS2:Acceleration and information in sustainable product development” - design and development of a decision support system based on big data storage and distributed processing technologies, which allows leveraging continuous process improvement focusing on product sustainability
  • Development of a conceptual prototype of a digital twin, with the structure for collecting, storing, processing, and making available data from the production line to the digital twin
  • PPS4:Digital supply chain in a circular context” - innovation and development of new intelligent tools using machine learning algorithms for planning and managing raw material needs in the context of supply chains. The system predicts the supply of raw materials needs and plans the best supplier within the company's internal and external chain