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UMC promotes internal knowledge sharing
9 July, 2024

Showing what has been done, doing projects known, innovative ideas, and future challenges in a space for dialogue, ideas, and opinions sums up WAPIC - Internal Knowledge Sharing Workshop promoted by the CCG/ZGDV Urban and Mobile Computing (UMC) department.


This event brought together the UMC team for a clearer approach to the new challenges facing communication networks, such as "proximity computing" and its constraints, namely the complex architecture it entails and the difficulty of understanding between different entities in the locations to be implemented.

Applying DoA (Direction of Arrival) technologies in "Indoor Positioning" was another topic under discussion, as well as the others used and their advantages and disadvantages.

Projects and innovations in emerging areas were also highlighted through the application of efficient energy management technologies, intelligent solutions for cities, people, and their mobility, and the development of innovative solutions using different computing and communication technologies. This and many more ideas for the future!


This was the first of four WAPICs promoted by the different CCG/ZGDV R&I departments to bring together synergies and share knowledge internally with a common goal: everyone's success!