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Date: 2021-2025

Smart cities, smart mobility, and smart energy
eHealth and medical care
Sustainability and circular economy


Research and Development under Contract


IT Engineering - Process, Data, Maturity, and Quality
Human-Technology Interaction, and Robotics


Software and business processes
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support systems
Mobile computing and advanced positioning systems
5G and 6G private networks
Cognitive and collaborative robotics
Human Factors, usability, and UX design



The BE.Neutral agenda aims to accelerate the development and industrialization of a new generation of zero-carbon mobility products and services from Portugal, connected with data and connectivity platforms, and energy systems.




It thus aims to contribute to the decarbonization of cities, change the specialization pattern of the Portuguese economy, and also create national-based integrators with the transformation of value chains in the mobility sector.



This agenda will result in 4 cyber-physical zero-carbon mobility products (2 four-wheeled vehicles, 1 bus and 1 ebike) and respective value chains, developed, industrialized and operated from Portugal, aimed at the global market.​​​​



The project is structured around three main R&D lines, pioneers from the perspective of smart and sustainable cities: 

1. Introduction of new mobility technologies, products and services, changes in user behavior and new climate policy instruments

2. Development, adaptation and evolution of cyber-physical products for the sustainable mobility ecosystem, integrating higher value-added and knowledge-intensive activities, aimed at international markets

3. Increased national incorporation and reduced dependence on external markets, based on proximity supply chains



CCG/ZGDV is involved in the development, specifically, of the following workpackages:





  • WP1: Carbon Neutral Cities
  • WP2: Mobility and Connectivity Management Platforms
  • WP6: Light Vehicle BEN