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HfPT - Health from Portugal
Date: 2021-2025

eHealth and medical care


Research and Development under Contract


IT Engineering - Process, Data, Maturity, and Quality
Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphics
Human-Technology Interaction, and Robotics


Business models for digital economy
Software and business processes
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support systems
Ontologies and interoperability
Computer vision and image processing
Computer graphics, virtual, augmented and mixed reality
Cognitive and collaborative robotics
Human Factors, usability, and UX design



HfPT - Health from Portugal, falls within the “Health, well-being and territory” area and more specifically, in the “Health” subarea, given its relevance in health technologies and the provision of innovative services, through the exploration and development of existing skills in terms of R&D and the quality of healthcare provision



HfPT intends to be the first materialization of the Health Development Plan (PDS) and promote its objectives of activating and accelerating the structural transformation of the Portuguese economy and boosting recovery from the installed crisis, responding to important opportunities on a global scale, European and national.

With this ambition, the HfPT will enhance the improvement of the country's specialization profile in activities with high added value linked to Health, pursuing the objective and ambitious goals of the PDS in terms of investment in R&D, economic valorization of knowledge, innovation, qualified employment and aligned and inserted exports.


The HfPT agenda aims to position Portugal as a world reference hub in the design, development and production of advanced solutions aimed at the health markets, based on innovation and technology​​​



The HfPT will focus on 4 betting areas:

(i) development of smart health solutions aimed at the digital medtech segment

(ii) creation of a national smart repository of internationally referenced health data;

(iii) training for the growth and sophistication of the clinical studies segment in the country;

(iv) creation of solutions that value the potential of the ecosystem for collecting and benchmarking clinical data and costs associated with the provision of healthcare


The CCG/ZGDV is involved in the following Work Package development:


  • WP3 – Sensorization and Robotics:

A3.2.3 Development of devices for remote monitoring and physical recovery, based on gamification (Gripwise) - digital games mobile application

  • WP4 - Data Integration, Interpretation and Sharing:

4.1.3 Engine for automatic generation of clinical data collection forms for greater interoperability between systems

4.4.3 Connectors for connecting to Data Lakes

4.3.5 Dashboard for the Local Coordinating Group of the Infection Prevention and Control and Antimicrobial Resistance Program

4.3.6 Dashboard for General Practitioners, Specialists, and Patients on the Screening and Prevention of Certain Pathologies




  • Digital Consultation/Telemedicine

5.2.2 Referral associated with Intelligent Symptom Screening and Digital Consultation

5.3.2 Detecting neoplasms and lung cancer

5.3.4 Augmented Reality system for visualizing processed slide data

5.2.6 Bone surgery management - Tele-support tools for surgical procedures and teaching

  • WP16 - Health Business Portugal

1. Needs identification, skills mapping, and resources in the national health ecosystem

2. Support services organization for business development in Health

3. HUB implementation and management