Business Area | Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies

Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies (ICT) have been a natural area of ​​activity of CCG - Centre for Computer Graphics in a cross-disciplinary way, and, with particular emphasis, on the skills shown in applied research.

Companies and ICT Institutions are seen, both in a partnership perspective and in a Customer/ Supplier relationship, as CCG’s elected market, seeking to develop and provide R&D of Technology services with a tangible added value to their clients and partners.

The solutions developed and the services provided by CCG to ICT companies have been oriented to multiple sectors of activity, including:

  • Health and wellness
  • Industry
  • Retail


Each sector presents challenges and opportunities that are explored by CCG, in order to find innovative technology solutions, which once incorporated into final products and services, turn out in added value and distinction to customers.

CCG knows the nature of development of technologies and information systems, from finding and validating innovative concepts, to evaluating business models, passing through all the stages of the process of product engineering. Thereby CCG complements the customer, expanding its capacity for innovation.