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CCG/ZGDV Institute will host a debate about the future of digital health
24 April, 2024

On June 27 and 28, the CCG/ZGDV Institute will host the "X Meeting of Digital Health Portugal" with the theme Health 4.0: Towards sustainability and humanization of health with AI, Robotization and Telehealth. This event aims to debate and discuss the significant challenges facing Portuguese healthcare with new technology introduction and development.

This event is based on the firm belief that innovative technologies. such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, and Telehealth are the key to transforming the way healthcare is provided in Portugal and revolutionizing the sustainability paradigm of our healthcare system.

The main aim of the meeting is to bring together players at the forefront of AI and robotics technology, such as the CCG/ZGDV Institute, to discuss the latest trends and innovations in these areas and to envision the design and translation of these technologies into new telemedicine and healthcare solutions. Exploring opportunities and challenges for implementation in the Portuguese healthcare system is therefore one of the themes of this forum, which aims to foster collaboration between different stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, policymakers, technology companies, and academics.

The target audience includes health professionals (doctors, nurses, and others), as well as, policymakers, health managers, medical technology companies, academics, and the public in general.