IoT, network of sensors, and precision agriculture

Data acquisition and implementation of sensor networks is fundamental to many businesses and information systems. In its applicability, it is necessary to design and build the best solution in technical, operational and economic terms.

The CCG/ZGDV Institute has technical and scientific knowledge capable of designing and building advanced solutions for data acquisition and for implementing data networks using different communication technologies.




CCG/ZGDV supports organizations through the following activities:

  • Implementation of IoT solutions – Internet of Things
  • Introduction and development of sensors (and sensor networks) for data acquisition
  • Development of positioning solutions in interior spaces
  • Application of mesh, ad-hoc and opportunistic communication networks for data transmission
  • Implementation of mobile and cellular networks



Acquire data of varied nature

Obtain data from the surrounding environment (products, equipment), in order to allow the creation of computational solutions that help maximize the performance of organizations.



Minimize the cost of communications

Apply the appropriate technological solution, taking into account the numerous existing technologies for data transmission, with a view to reducing communication costs.



Introduce communications using infrastructure-free networks 

Allow, through mesh networks, several similar devices to exchange data with each other, eliminating the need for each device to have its own access to the internet. Scalability, redundancy and flexibility are some of the widely recognized advantages of this type of networks.


Apply opportunistic communications

Implement solutions where data is stored and transmitted to the internet later, when approaching a location or other device, which allows the reception/sending of data. The best solution to minimize costs and for remote areas.