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5G and 6G private networks

The emergence of new communication technologies based on new generations of networks is cyclical. The capacity for innovation also involves the possibility of anticipating new communications technologies and scientifically leading their adoption. 

The CCG/ZGDV Institute has a team of senior researchers, with an extensive curriculum in the area of ​​communications networks, capable of supporting and leading the definition of new generations of communications networks. Their knowledge and experience allow them to participate in the definition of new generations of networks, from the design of technological infrastructure to the development of network services.




CCG/ZGDV supports organizations through the following activities:

  • Design and support in the implementation of private cellular networks
  • Installing location services
  • Implementation of network services
  • Consulting and application of software-defined networks



Design and implement private cellular networks  

Create in organizations their own private 5G or 6G networks, taking into account a network architecture, designed according to specific needs, the intended use of the network and a whole set of surrounding conditions (physical, environmental, etc.).



Apply advanced communications services   

Define, design and implement network services. New generations of cellular networks will support more traditional voice and internet connectivity services, but will be supported by new network architectures (many network definitions implemented in software) and will support innovative services that include, for example, M2M – machine-to-machine.



Implement location services on 5G / 6G networks 

Locating users and mobile equipment in indoor spaces is extremely important, as it allows you to optimize industrial resources and processes and implement security solutions. Private networks support the development of services that enable the location of people, objects and equipment, with a high degree of accuracy and applicability.


Gain operator independence

Owning your own network represents independence from commercial operators, allowing the infrastructure to be adjusted to the specific needs of each organization.



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